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Stevia, the Diabetic’s Plant

Stevia et Café 2

A big part of the diabetics (more than 135 million in the entire world) could take advantage of the specificity of the Stevia: to regulate the rate of sugar in the blood. Indeed in 2002, scientists from Endocrinology and Metabolism of the University Hospital of Aarhus (Denmark) showed after many studies with diabetics that the steviosidose stimulates the Beta cells of ... Read More »

Types and Kinds of Stevia

Stevia et Santé

Many people believe that all types of stevia are the same. Instead, there are many differences between each type. The sweetness of Stevia essentially depends on a set of geographic conditions such as soil, climate, altitude, and especially the cultivated variety. To compare and describe a Stevia plant, it is compulsory to consider two very important aspects: The stevia rich ... Read More »

How to make Stevia extract

How to make Stevia extract

As we know, Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, whose active responsible of the sweet taste are Steviol glycosides. Stevia liquid can be prepared directly from the leaf or be made out of the stevioside extract powder. Uses or applications that can done of this concentrate or extract are many, among them you can: - ... Read More »

Stevia: the future of sweetness in Europe

Stevie future of sweetness in Europe

When European farmers first began their crusade for recognition and diffusion properties of Stevia, they never imagined that one day an industrial extract of this plant would end up sweetening a Coca Cola beverage, labelled with a green sticker. Many of them are strong supporters of healthy eating and the battle against multinationals. Nowadays Coca Cola Coca Cola sells Coca ... Read More »

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